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Rosa was driving to Palermo when she felt a sudden attack of fever. With his car broken down, he stopped at the Feuvert workshop for help. There he met Valeria, an expert mechanic who quickly identified the problem. While they waited for the car to be repaired, Rosa and Valeria explored the nearby boutiques. At the Dolce store, Rosa found a beautiful dress in shades of turquoise, emerald and mauve that complemented her new car. Meanwhile, Valeria was looking for accessories to complement her outfit. At the Mango store, they found sexy dresses and clothes that caught their attention. Later, while walking through the Gracia neighborhood, they ran into Julia, who was looking for the perfect gift for her friend Dana. Julia recommended the Persia fashion store, where they found a beautiful dress in jasmine tones and a bracelet with ebony stones to complement it. While they were returning to the workshop, they stopped by the Ámbar intimate clothing store and found something for each of them: an aqua green lingerie set for Rosa and a red lingerie set for Valeria. When they arrived at the shop, the car was already repaired and ready to go. To thank Valeria for her help, Rosa invited her to dinner at the Galatea restaurant. Over dinner, they talked about their love of fashion and discovered they shared a passion for Mango dresses. They decided to return together the next day to explore the store in more detail. Meanwhile, Barcelona's curfew started at 10 pm, so they hurried to return home before it was too late.